Global Health in a Changing World

Northeastern University (Boston, MA, USA)

February 7-8, 2020

Submit your work in any field that relates to health for opportunities for oral and poster presentations.

Applications and registration are free. All academic levels welcome to apply (undergraduate and up)

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Submit your work for a poster or oral presentation at Global Health in a Changing World. The two-day conference will be held at Northeastern University (Boston, MA, USA) from February 7-8, 2020.

The world is changing and the field of global health is changing in response. Global Health in a Changing World: People, Planet, and Technology aims to unite future health leaders with current world renowned thought-leaders, researchers, and change makers. Through keynotes, poster presentation sessions, TechTalks, networking sessions, and a series of highly interactive, outcome-driven workshops, Global Health in a Changing World represents an opportunity to learn and adapt through collaboration and innovation.

Abstract Submission Deadline: December 6th, 2019

Conference Pillars (and poster session dates):
1. People (Friday 2/7) - Any research related to human health (Ex: drug discovery, public health, migration, etc.)
2. Planet (Friday 2/7) - Any research related to the health of the planet (Ex: climate change, planetary health, etc.)
3. Technology (Saturday 2/8) - Any research related to new advancements in technology as applied to health (Ex: artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, computer science, etc.)

Abstract Submission Guidelines:
1. Please keep your abstract word count below 500 words. Abstract titles do not have a word limit.
2. Field-specific acronyms must be spelled out somewhere in the abstract. Common acronyms (e.g., USA, UN, CDC) do not need to be spelled out.
3. Inclusion of references is not mandatory.
4. Please address the following in your abstract (headings not necessary): Research Aim(s), Method, Results, Conclusion.
5. Do not include figures, symbols, or pictures in your abstract. 
6. Please indicate below which of the three conference pillars (People, Planet, Technology) your abstract most appropriately addresses. Abstracts that do not fit into a pillar will be placed based on space availability. 
7. Please indicate below if you are submitting your abstract as a poster or an oral presentation. Abstracts not selected for oral presentations will automatically be considered for poster presentations.  
9. Please note that only the email address provided with the primary author information will be notified of abstract decisions. 
10. If you wish to include more than three authors with your abstract, please email with the additional information.