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Communicating Global Health

In a Changing World, communication is key in keeping the public informed on the evolving field of global health. Speakers from news and article outlets will demonstrate how they practice ethical journalism and create comprehensive, easy to understand, and impactful literature. Work with our speakers on your own public health article and get yourself published!

Goal: Learn how to identify and research a topic, how to draft an article, and how to conduct an interview.

Outcome: Develop your draft after the conference and get your work published with one of our partner organizations!

Workshop Leaders
Dr. Susan Mello
Northeastern University,
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Gibbs Nasir
Johns Hopkins University
Public Health United,
Director of Community Engagement
Christina Potter
Johns Hopkins University,
Outbreak Observatory
Writer and Editor
Shaunagh Connaire
Emmy nominated Journalist
Reporter with Unreported World and the BBC
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