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Global Health Games

After our second workshop session, please join us for a fun, low-key chance to get to know our esteemed group of workshop leaders, faculty mentors, and each other!

From 3:30-5 pm, each classroom, the atrium, and the auditorium of ISEC will feature a different game or activity. Move around, meet new people, and join in the fun!

Win NUGHI swag with your team in Global Health Trivia!

Track the spread of an epidemic and trace back who was patient zero in Identifying Patient Zero

Learn how to play the board game, Pandemic!

Experience Nothing but Nets VR Simulator

Take part in the Lab Olympics! A series of games and challenges to test your biology lab skills! Pipette shooting, liquid relay, guess the weight, and more!

Boston Scientific will be setting up interesting interactive display in the atrium!

For those who want a break, sit and watch global health documentaries in the auditorium!

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