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Global Mental Health

In a Changing World, mental health is increasingly acknowledged as an important component of an individual’s overall health. Mental health delivery and outcomes are strongly influenced by population and societal characteristics. Researchers from leading Boston institutions will discuss considerations and methods of mental health delivery in different settings. Explore this growing field and learn about what mental health delivery looks like on the ground.

Goal: Learn about key populations, settings, challenges, and rewards of global mental health work from experts in the field.

Outcome: Develop connections with key figures in the field of mental health and leave with a greater knowledge of key issues and delivery practices.

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Workshop Leaders
Andrew Driscoll, RN
Critical Care Registered Nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital and NEU Alum
Alexandra Tarzikhan
 ​Schuette Clinical Legal Fellow in Health and Human Rights at the Center for International Human Rights at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and NEU Alum
Julia Cromwell, MD
Attending Psychiatrist, North Shore Medical Center
Kyle Gobrogge, PhD
Part-Time Lecturer in Neurobiology at Northeastern University
Srijana Srestha, PhD
Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Wheaton College
Saloni Dev
Population Health PhD Candidate, Northeastern University
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