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Dr. Rachel Hall-Clifford, PhD, MPH, MSc

April 6th,
5:40 - 6:30pm
Health Equity in Post-Conflict Zones: Co-Building in Guatemala

About Dr. Hall-Clifford

Rachel Hall-Clifford (PhD, MPH, MSc) is Assistant Professor in the Center for the Study of Human Health and the Department of Sociology at Emory. She is a medical anthropologist who applies social science approaches to global health research and implementation.


Dr. Hall-Clifford has conducted fieldwork in the central highlands of Guatemala on the delivery of health services for 15 years. Her research areas include accessible health care for marginalized populations, health systems strengthening in post-genocide contexts, and global health fieldwork ethics. Previously, she has held medical anthropology research positions at Oxford and Harvard. She also directs the NAPA-OT Field School in Guatemala, a school for occupational therapists supported by the American Anthropological Association which aims to systemically refine principles of social justice and global health to health practitioners and researchers in real-world context.

Most recently, she co-founded safe + natal a low-cost mobile platform which offers monitoring and support for key complications during pregnancy and birth

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