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Innovations in Global Health

Hear from experts in infectious disease research about vaccine development, drug development, and more! Ask questions, be inspired, and see where you can fill a need in the research sphere.

Dr. Carole Long
Dr. Ralph Mazitschek

   Dr. Long received her Ph.D. in microbiology and immunology from the University of Pennsylvania and also did postdoctoral training there. Before joining NIAID in 1999, Dr. Long was a professor of microbiology and immunology at Hahnemann University School of Medicine (now Drexel University) in Philadelphia. She has served as president of the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and chair of the Tropical Medicine and Parasitology Study Section. Her lab’s work focuses on immune responses to malaria parasites, particularly in those living in malaria-endemic areas, and also on identification and evaluation of possible candidate antigens for malaria vaccines.


   Dr. Mazitschek is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and Co-Director of the Chemical Biology Platform at the Center for Systems Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Dr. Mazitschek is also a member of the Infectious Diseases Initiative at The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, associate Faculty at the Center for Human Genetic Research at MGH and Visiting Scientist at the Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Harvard School of Public Health.

   Dr. Mazitschek graduated from the University of Leipzig in 2002 with a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. He continued hist research at the Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology (ICCB) at Harvard Medical School first as postdoc and later as Institute Fellow, from which he joined the Chemical Biology Program at the newly founded Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. In 2008 he joined the faculty of the Center for Systems Biology at the Massachusetts General Hospital to continue his independent research.

Dr. Michael Pollastri

   Dr. Michael Pollastri is the Chair of Northeastern University's Chemistry & Chemical Biology Department. Dr. Pollastri is also a Professor in this department. With an industrial background in medicinal chemistry and chemical technology, his research program focuses on those areas of research that will impact on treatment of human disease, and on areas that will expedite the drug discovery process. As an industrialized outpost of medicinal chemistry in academia, he uses state-of-the-art computational and database tools for compound design and data analyses, cutting edge synthesis and purification approaches, all combined with creative organic and medicinal chemistry. Pollastri focus primarily on discovering new lead compounds for neglected tropical diseases.

Moderated by Dr. Oyinda Oyelaran
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