Keynote Speaker:

Dr. James Cusack, MD

Dr. Cusack will deliver his keynote on global surgery at 9:30 am on October 20th in the ISEC Auditorium

About Dr. Cusack

Dr. James Cusack, MD is a surgical oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston were he serves as Director of the Peritoneal Surface Malignancy (HIPEC) Program and Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Cusack has received numerous awards for his patient care including Boston Super Doctors, Boston Top Doctors, The MGH One Hundred, America's Top Surgeons, America's Top Doctors for Cancer, and the Patients' Choice Award. In 2013, Dr. Cusack was appointed Director of the MGH Global Surgery Initiative (GSI) where he leads bidirectional exchanges to build capacity in surgery and cancer care in resource-limited settings.


Since Dr. Cusack became involved in Global Health a decade ago, his work has taken him to Liberia, Botswana, Kazakhstan, China, and Bangladesh to address healthcare disparities related to cancer and surgically treatable disease. As Director of the GSI, Dr. Cusack has led teams of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers to focus on the transfer of skills and exchange of knowledge to improve care delivery in resource limited hospitals in Uganda, Rwanda, and Cuba. 


Dr. Cusack has also led a wide array of basic science research projects since completing a surgical oncology fellowship at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Dr. Cusack’s groundbreaking work in understanding the molecular basis of cancer treatment resistance has led to development of several novel therapeutics, one patent, and numerous publications in journals such as Nature Medicine, Cancer Research, and The Journal of Clinical Oncology. Dr. Cusack’s most recent work in the laboratory explores the use of molecular imaging to identify and potentially target cancer cells and will be studied in a clinical trial opening later in 2018.


Dr. Cusack will deliver the keynote speech on Saturday, October 20th at 9:30 AM in the ISEC Auditorium at Northeastern University on his experiences in global surgery, his career, and his thoughts on the field in its current state.