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Ken Patterson, MS

April 6th,
7:05 - 8:30pm
Theory of Change & Advocacy Workshop: Congressional Appropriations for Global Nutrition and Disease

About Mr. Ken Patterson

Ken Patterson is the Director of Global Grassroots Advocacy at RESULTS. He has nearly two decades of experience mobilizing communities and advocating policies to advance socioeconomic and health equity. As Director, he manages, coaches, trains, and supports the national network of RESULTS chapters advocating for equitable access to health, education, and economic opportunity in the U.S. and around the world.


Prior to his work at RESULTS, Ken was an organizational development consultant. He also worked for five years as Enterprise Agent for Shorebank Enterprise Group in Cleveland, OH, stimulating urban economic development in underinvested communities. He has over seven years of international development experience working with the Peace Corps in West Africa as a volunteer, regional leader, training consultant, and as the Associate Director for Agriculture & Training Manager.


Ken has a master’s degree in Organizational Change Management from New School University in NY, a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Minnesota, and a BA in English from Cornell College of Iowa. You can reach Ken at


Join us to hear his insights on the theory of change and participate in an interactive workshop on his recent work on Congressional appropriations for global nutrition and disease!

Learn more about RESULTS here:

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