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MUN: Tackling Global Health Crises

Simulate the spread of a deadly infectious disease in this MUN style session. Debate, vote, and respond to a changing global crisis as a nation facing a modern pandemic and learn about different health systems around the world.

This workshop will run for 2 hours and has a 30 person cap

      An infectious disease is sweeping across the globe and governments everywhere are in panic. Join 29 other players in a simulation of a pandemic. Represent a country's government, debate with other students, vote and pass legislation, receive rapid feedback from experts on your decisions. Will you and your partner be able to stop the wildfire spread of disease in your country? Or will you all succumb to the deadly disease? 

      This workshop is highly interactive and fast paced. If you love model UN, debate, or want to learn more about them, this workshop is perfect for you. When you register for this workshop, you will receive an email, assigning you and a partner a country to represent. Study up on the nation's health system and come prepared to debate and fight for your life! 

      MUN: Tackling Global Health Crises will run longer than other workshops in Session 2. There will be a coffee break after 90 minutes, but the session will reconvene for another 30 minutes afterwards.

Rini Headshot.jpg
Ms. Rini Ghosh

     Rini Ghosh is a PhD Candidate in Law and Public Policy at Northeastern and the Executive Vice President of the Graduate Student Government.   

     Her current research focuses on healthcare-related policy-making and her dissertation is on the postpartum care experience in Baby-Friendly Hospitals in North America.  She is an adjunct lecturer at the Bouvé College of Health Sciences and teaches courses on the American Healthcare System and Global Health.

Dr. Richard Wamai

      Dr. Richard Wamai earned his Ph.D. in international health and development from the University of Helsinki, Finland. Prior to joining Northeastern he was a research fellow in the Takemi Program in International Health at Harvard School of Public Health. Before that, Dr. Wamai was a researcher at Oxford University (UK) Department of Social Policy.

      His previous work experience spans a number of other institutions including the London School of Economics, the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and Institute for Public Policy, the World Bank, the Nordic-Africa Institute in Uppsala Sweden, and the University of Nairobi in Kenya.         

     His research areas are: HIV/AIDS, focusing on male circumcision for HIV prevention, cost-effectiveness and policy in Africa; neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in Kenya; human papillomavirus in Africa; and health systems and policy. At Northeastern, with professor Pollastri, Dr. Wamai co-leads the Integrated Initiative for Global Health to champion global health efforts at the university.

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