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Healthcare for Unique Populations 

In a Changing World, unique groups face unique health challenges. Those challenges specific to a diverse set of peoples will be presented by representatives that work at a grassroots level. Learn how to design a program for unique populations and take the connections you make to the next level by implementing that program during a 6-month co-op working with our speaker’s organizations.

Goal: Learn about LGBTQ+, indigenous, and informal settlement health and how health programs are built from the group up for those unique populations.

Outcome: Take your idea for a health program to the next level through a co-op at one of our partner organizations.

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Workshop Leaders
Sean Cahill, PhD
Director of Health Policy Research, Fenway Institute
Harlan Pruden
Educator with Chee Mamuk, British Columbia Center for Disease Control
Co-founder of North East Two Spirit Society 
Advisor for the US Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) under President Obama
Mercy Owuor
Head of Research, Development and Policy at Carolina for Kibera
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