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There will be 10 workshops split up amongst the 2 workshop sessions. All of the workshops fall under 5 themes: global and planetary health, access and equity, innovations in global health, antimicrobial resistance and pandemic preparedness, and synthesis: how students can become global health changemakers.

Each workshop has been built from the ground up by a collaborative effort between experts in various fields from institutions around the United States. Choose 1 workshop from each session when you register! Look for more details about each workshop by clicking on the title!

Dr. Brook Baker,

Dr. Sean Cahill,

Dr. Kevin Cranston,

Dr. Shan Mohammed,

 Dr. Alysse Wurcel

An immersive panel that explains the importance, complexity, and procedures of mobilization and effective advocacy for the achievement of equitable and accessible healthcare. Hear directly from stakeholders involved with HIV/AIDs advocacy, such as doctors, educators, policymakers, and patients, about their experiences overcoming the obstacles that hinder treatment both globally and domestically.

Planetary Health


Examine the link between environmental health and human health in a dynamic session led by the Planetary Health Alliance.  Take part in a simulation to examine how climate change is impacting human health!

The Challenges of Surgery in Uganda

Dr. David Mutiibwa

Dr. David Kitya

Learn about the unique challenges faced by oncologists from Uganda. This lecture style workshop features visiting doctors from Uganda who will discuss their practice.

Dr. Joseph Assan and NEU Engineers without Borders

Learn about strategies, potential problems, and whereabouts when managing access to basic needs in developing communities. Also, explore what’s really in Boston’s bodies of water with an interactive activity run by Engineers without Borders.

UN Foundation's Nothing but Nets

Develop your advocacy and leadership skills with the UN Foundation Nothing but Nets and Malaria Free World! Learn how you can make real budget and policy changes happen at the level of the US government!

Session 2

Ms. Rini Ghosh

Dr. Richard Wamai

Simulate the spread of a deadly infectious disease in this MUN style session. Debate, vote, and respond to a changing global crisis as a nation facing a modern pandemic and learn about different health systems around the world.

Representatives from Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Harvard School of Public Health,

MGH/McLean Hospital, Northeastern University, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Institute

Explore the many ways to a build a career in global health by hearing from people in the field! Learn how your academic interests can contribute to a health-oriented profession and the steps to get there.

Dr. Alessandro Vespignani

Map and model the spread of an infectious disease using Gleamviz, an epidemic simulation program. Learn how programming and data visualization meld with epidemiology to provide researchers with key information during infectious disease outbreaks.

Dr. JudyAnn Bigby

Many factors outside an individual's control can influence their health. Learn about how the social determinants of health are affecting you and what is being done to help level the playing field through policy, community education, and various other efforts!

Dr. Carole Long,

 Dr. Ralph Mazitschek,

Dr. Michael Pollastri 

Hear from experts in infectious disease research about vaccine development, drug development, and more! Ask questions, be inspired, and see where you can fill a need in the research sphere.

Session 1 

Space is limited for several workshops! Register now to get your spot!
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